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If you're looking for event planning guidance without committing to a full-service package, our consulting services are the ideal solution. Whether you need help with vendor suggestions, budgeting, timeline development, or any other aspect of event planning, we offer consulting on an hourly basis or in customized packages to suit your requirements. With our consulting services, you'll benefit from expert advice and support to confidently navigate the planning process. Let us assist you in bringing your vision to life, regardless of your event's size.

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Consultation Package

Our hourly event planning services are designed for clients who need assistance with specific aspects of their event or require guidance on an as-needed basis. Whether you're looking for help with vendor selection, budget management, timeline creation, or any other aspect of event planning, our experienced team is here to help. With our hourly services, you'll have the flexibility to get the support you need, when you need it, without committing to a full-service package. Let us help you create a memorable event that reflects your unique vision and style.

Please utilize the link provided below to schedule your consultation. For a one-hour call, select the "1 Hour Consultation Call," and for a two-hour call, select the "2 Hour Consultation Call."


Consultation Package

  • 2-Hour Meeting (virtual): Our comprehensive virtual meeting is designed to kickstart your wedding planning journey.

  • Wedding Planning Checklist: Stay organized and on track with our detailed checklist.

  • Budget Review & Tips: Manage your finances effectively with our expert guidance. 

  • Wedding Etiquette Advisement: Navigate wedding protocols and practices with ease. 

  • Vendor Contract Review: Ensure your contracts are error-free and address potential issues.

  • Game Plan" for Next Steps: Receive a clear plan outlining your next moves in the planning process.

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